Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pangkor Trip (3rd Dec 2016) -- Sending DaYi Zhang away....

 Reached Lumut, waiting for the rest of the family members and Yiwar staff.

 Finally, Michelle arrived together with tayi, Yung, Yeat and Yiwar staff.

After lunch, we were heading to the jetty to catch a ferry.

On the ferry

We reached Pangkor island. This is the first stop in Pangkor island.

After checked in the hotel, the first thing to do was to get wet. They were hoping Edmund and Carmen were around to play with them.

Dinner on the first night in Pangkor

Second day. After breakfast, we were ready to go island tour, snorkeling and one important task to do, sending Tayi Zhang away.

First stop on our boat tour, Pangkor Laut Resort.

Then, right in the middle of the ocean, was the place we had to say goodbye to our Tayi Zhang.

Sad moment...

Bye! Bye! Our beloved Yi Zhang.

You will always be remember as the our best uncle! :-(

Our boat tour ended in coral island for snorkeling and lunch.

Corel island.

The water here was muddy, nothing to see. So just walk-walk.

Edmund is hold a BLACK sea cucumber!!

We had our lunch!! And resting....

Tayi took a nap. The sound of the sea, the wind, were so relaxing

It was the time to leave Corel island.

Back in hotel, we had our tea time!

Later, we went to the Pangkor town to buy some ikan bilis and dinner.

After, dinner, few of us decided to walk back to hotel.

We stopped at a coffee-shop for some coffee!!

Later, that night, we went to the beach to catch crabs!!

Third day. Early in the morning, the kids and Michelle went to the beach.

Later, Yeat and Yung joined them playing in the sea.

They had to take a break for breakfast.

And then continue playing.

Building sandcastle

Burying each other's leg

Until noon.....We checked out of the hotel, back to Lumut and drive back home!!

Forever remember Tayi Zhang!!